Hanna Ardéhn

Hanna Ardéhn in Quicksand

Review: Quicksand, a Swedish drama series

Quicksand opens with 5 gunshots, a bloody classroom, and a stunned young woman named Maja (Hanna Ardéhn) sitting speechless and uninjured amid the chaos. Minor spoilers ahead.

Shima Niavarani, Disa Östran, Hanna Ardéhn, Viola Weidemann, and Alexander Salzberger in 30 Degrees in February

Review S2: 30° i februari (30 Degrees in February)

30° i februari or 30 Degrees in February is a Swedish production. This is a review of Season 2 only. Season 2 of 30 Degrees in February aired in 2016, 4 years after the release of the first series. Beware the spoilers.

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