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I love a good movie, a good TV show, a good book – a good story of any kind. I don’t claim to be a critic who can talk in learned tones about film trivia. I’m just someone who loves a good story.

That means I’m one of those voices from the margins. I’m not in the mainstream, not in the right demographic, not a loud voice. But I’m seeking and finding the things in pop culture that move the culture in the right direction, that celebrate and encourage the right direction.

I’m old. But old ain’t dead.

I’m a woman. As an old woman I feel free to fly my bias flag. I am biased in favor of stories about women and stories about women written and/or directed by women. I’ll watch stories about men, but I make a big effort to watch the TV shows and movies with women in leading roles. If your favorite shows feature hunky male action hero types, I won’t be talking about them much here.

I only watch what I like. I don’t sit through something if I don’t like it at least a little bit. So most of the things I talk about on this blog are things I like. I won’t spend a lot of time telling you what was bad about something. Since COVID, I don’t go out to the theater much. I won’t be talking about most things until they are available in my living room. That means I’m running behind the times with new releases.

I’m not exactly an ordinary elder – if I do say so myself I’m kind of hip. I keep up with technology, I love a new gadget, I know how to use all the features on my iPhone, I’m all over social media. This isn’t my only blog. I have a technology blog called Web Teacher and a writing blog called First 50 Words. I’ve also written for a media site called BlogHer. I’ve written several books, which I talk about on vdebolt.com. Several years ago, I wrote a Personal Manifesto that explains my point of view on Old Ain’t Dead.

I have a lot of years of experience and want to talk about current pop culture and how it affects social justice, but I may not talk about it in ways that seem normal for an elder like myself. I’m hoping this oddball combination of characteristics will result in articles and stories that you’ll find interesting and maybe we can get a conversation going about today’s entertainment.

So. I’m old. In one way I’m very old. I’m a blogging dinosaur. I’m one of those old-fashioned bloggers who just wants to say some stuff. I don’t want to sell my blog to a big company and put a lot of pop up ads in your face afterwards. I’m just here to say my piece. I guess I should warn you, my vocabulary can veer into the profane.

Entertainment, pop culture, whatever you choose to call it, is important. It forms who we are. So let talk about it, right here.

54 thoughts on “About”

    1. I’m surprised you haven’t reviewed Agatha Raisin. Beautiful scenery and costumes, an over the top lead, and silly plot lines. You’ll love it!

  1. I really enjoyed listening to you at the Girls Coding session at Blogher 2013. Age shouldn’t be a boundary. You’re awesome!!

  2. Wow….I finally found someone over 50 who watches & likes all the movies & shows I do!! Love all the strong women-good actors.
    Thanks, Virginia for your voice.

    Ok…back to watching Annika Bengtzon

  3. Hey – I love your blog, your attitude and your photo, all of which I happened upon when looking for an explanation of the license plate number that Catherine was looking up at the end of Ep. 1 of Happy Valley. Thanks for catching that detail.

  4. Finally found you after searching everywhere for intelligent, readable senior blogs! I’ve just spent hours scrolling up and down your site. Could mess around here endlessly! I tried to subscribe, but found no easy way to do it. RSS took me straight to HTML. Maybe I just don’t understand it!

    1. Welcome, Diane! What you saw when you clicked the RSS was the address of the blog’s “feed.” Which is a fancy way of saying this is what gets sent out to a “feed reader” if you subscribe. So, you need a feed reader to get the feed and tell you every time I publish. If you are on either Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/oldaintdead) or Twitter (https://twitter.com/OldAintDead) it might be easier for you to follow me at one of those, because I mention each new blog post in those places.

      If none of those ideas work for you, just bookmark the site and come by every weekday. I publish M-F and take the weekend off.

  5. I just discovered you while googling Phryne Fisher and I love you already! Love your blog and have liked and followed you everywhere I can.
    Our age number may make us seem old but we sure as hell ain’t dead!

  6. Hello Virginia,
    I just read your review on COLD NOVEMBER – found it through a link on IMDb. Now, I’m a guy, a lot younger than you and from a very different part of the world, but I loved your writing. Refreshingly straightforward and accessible. I’ll watch the film tonight and will be coming back here to enjoy some more articles. Keep it up!

  7. Karen M. Werner

    Hi, Virginia. Just found your blog while I was looking for reviews of Keeping Faith, which I loved! I’m a senior now, collecting Soc. Sec, on Medicare, still working – for myself, and I don’t feel old either. I’m starting to play the age card, but it just makes me laugh that I can call myself an old lady, and that I’ve lived long enough to get some of the senior perks. Will be following your blog. Best Wishes!

  8. Skimming through these comments – curious does anyone know if Happy Valley will be returning for a 3rd season? only seeing first two seasons on Netflix – Sarah Lancashire is such a good actor – catch Last Tango in Halifax if you havent already

    1. Sally Wainwright keeps saying there will be, but she wants to wait for her young actor to reach his teens when the tension over the nature vs. nurture aspect of this story will be more stark.

  9. Wow!! You an All Rounder!! Glad to come across your Blog!!
    And I agree, I generally critique movies I love (it’s very rare chance I’d talk about, or mention, a film I don’t).

  10. I’ve been following you for several years but haven’t commented. Shame on me! I just signed up to get your blog via email again. Thank you for seeking out the new and old. Love your reviews. I wonder if you’ve ever watched the French show “Balthasar”? I enjoyed it but I have very little French, therefore reading subtitles all the way thru. Thanks for watching and sharing as you do.

      1. Again…i grew up on PHOEBE SNOW & juz wish mo pholk wudd sho her ALL da LUV&RESPECT she STILL dsrv..

  11. Hi Virginia – no doubt that the movie Ammonite is on your list of films to watch. I just saw it today at a local theater and really enjoyed it. Then I come home and look up some online reviews, it turns out that quite a few independent reviewers didn’t care for it at all. I tend to find that your thoughts and opinions, more often than not, match mine about movies and tv shows. So, I look forward to reading your review in the not too distant future. I so enjoy your website – thanks much!

    1. I haven’t seen it yet. It will have to reach a streamer I get before I can see it. I do often have different opinions about things from other reviewers – especially men. Can’t promise anything though. I REALLY appreciate your visits and support.

  12. Hi, just discovering your awesome blog — thanks for creating and writing so much on it! I look forward to exploring more. I agree with above posters that you’re awesome 🙂 … And amen and SO appreciate your focusing on shows that are women-focused. I found your blog via searching on Anna Torv, a fabulous strong female lead actress whom I love.

  13. I’m probably way out of line here but I really like your site and I wonder if you’d ever consider selling it?

    I work for Flippa.com and I’m almost certain our buyers would be interested in this, you’d likely do quite well.

    Please feel free to let me know if you’d like to discuss and I’ll send you through some info. If not, no problem and all the best.


  14. Hello Virginia. I just happened upon your article with Nina Sosonya. Thank you for that one. She’s fabulous. I like your style. Think I’m going to read you from now on. I’m in California, where are you?

  15. A friend shared your blog with me and love what you’re doing. I’ve added you to the Hagsters.com database and would love to write a blog post on you as a Hagster of note should you have the time.

  16. I’m 77 years old and I love your reviews. In fact, when I’m searching out movies or TV shows I come to Old Ain’t Dead first. I know that it will likely suit me and my wife and good, bad or indifferent, it will at least be worth watching. Thank you!

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