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Tag: Isabel Coixet

  • Review: The Bookshop

    Review: The Bookshop

    The Bookshop, from Catalan director Isabel Coixet, is so very, very English that the emotional life of the characters is buried deep. Almost no action and an unnecessary voice over explaining things make this an unusual but ultimately moving film.

  • Review: Elisa y Marcela

    Review: Elisa y Marcela

    The slow paced Elisa and Marcela (Elisa y Marcela) left me with a lot of questions. Many of them relate to the lost parts of this tale, which was based on a true story. You can watch this Spanish language love story on Netflix.

  • Review: Learning to Drive

    Review: Learning to Drive

    Learning to Drive stars Patricia Clarkson as Wendy, a NYC book critic whose marriage ends abruptly. She’s always depended on her husband (Jake Weber) to do the driving.

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