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  • Lost Ollie, magic and childhood

    Lost Ollie, magic and childhood

    Lost Ollie is the magical story of a patchwork bunny and the boy who loved him. It will put you in mind of Toy Story or The Velveteen Rabbit, but it is not either of those. This 4 part mini series has depth and many unspoken messages.

  • Spring Awakening: Those You’ve Known

    Spring Awakening: Those You’ve Known

    Spring Awakening: Those You’ve Known is an HBO Max documentary about a single performance of the Tony winning Broadway musical Spring Awakening. The original cast came together after 15 years with a week of rehearsal to stage the play one more time.

  • Review: Mindhunter, season 2

    Review: Mindhunter, season 2

    Mindhunter, season 2, continues the real-life story of how the FBI worked to perfect the idea of suspect profiles in serial murder cases. Several famous cases were mentioned in season 2 including Son of Sam, Charles Manson, and 27 murdered black children in Atlanta. Almost all of the second half of the season was devoted […]

  • Review: Mindhunter

    Review: Mindhunter

    Mindhunter, season 1, is a Netflix original. Set in the late 1970s, it’s about how the FBI began to develop a behavioral sciences division and look at the psychology of psychopaths and serial killers. These were early efforts to understand the criminal mind in days when the killers managed one-offs with a kitchen knife or […]

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