Julia, the Julia Child documentary

Julia the documentary is a look at Julia Child’s entire life from directors Julie Cohen and Betsy West. It uses a wealth of archival footage of her cooking and giving interviews. People who knew her and worked with her speak, and modern chefs who owe so much to her were interviewed.

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Julia, episode 8, “Chocolate Soufflé”

Julia wrapped up season 1 with the “Chocolate Soufflé” episode. But celebrations are in order, because just before the episode aired, HBO Max announced the series will get a second season! Even more Julia Child is coming.

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Julia, episode 7, “Foie Gras”

The “Foie Gras” episode of Julia was directed by Jenée LaMarque. In this episode Julia Child (Sarah Lancashire) went to New York City to give a keynote address at a gala for public television. During her visit she met both pleasant and unpleasant people.

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Julia, episode 4, Petit Fours

Julia, the drama series about Julia Child, uses episode 4 to bring in more humor and an awareness of what Julia’s growing popularity would mean to Julia and Paul Child. This episode was directed by Erica Dunton. Instead of discussing the entire episode, I want to concentrate on Julia’s growing fame and her ahead-of-its-time marriage of equality.

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Review: Julia, episodes 1-3, in which Sarah Lancashire is a marvel

Julia on HBO Max dropped the first 3 episodes of the 8 episode series on March 31. Future episodes will air weekly on Thursdays. The way Julia Child became “The French Chef” on public television is explored in these first episodes. It’s her origin story as a celebrity.

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