Sarah Lancashire in Julia

Julia: S2.E5 Bûche De Noël

Julia: Bûche De Noël shares some good laughs, twin David Hyde Pierces, and the sad realization that for all the things that have changed, things are still the same.

Sarah Lancashire as Julia Child

Julia: S2.E4 Chocolate Mousse

Julia: Chocolate Mousse brings Julia Child (Sarah Lancashire) back to Boston to begin filming the second season of The French Chef. She arrives to find that much has changed in the 4 months she was gone. Now Julia is the one wishing nothing would change. There are spoilers ahead.

Sarah Lancashire in Julia

Julia: S2.E3 Pressed Duck

Julia: Pressed Duck is episode 3 of season 2 of this far reaching representation of Julia Child’s life, career, and influence. The story moves to Paris where Julia had attended Le Cordon Bleu and where Paul had memories of work he did as a diplomat after WWII. There are spoilers ahead.

Isabella Rossellini and Sarah Lancashire in Julia

Julia: S2.E2 Fried Chicken

Julia: Fried Chicken, episode 2 of the second season of Julia, involves a high stakes cookoff, several famous names, and a still uncertain list of recipes for the cookbook. Are Julia Child (Sarah Lancashire) and her cookbook co-writer Simca (Isabella Rossellini) loving sisters or jealous enemies? There are spoilers ahead.

Sarah Lancashire in Julia

Julia: S2.E1 Loup en Croûte

Julia: Loup en Croûte begins season two of Julia with Julia Child (Sarah Lancashire) and her husband Paul (David Hyde Pierce) in France. They are staying at the Provence home of Julia’s cookbook partner, Simca (Isabella Rossellini). They’ve been there three months and the two cooks have yet to agree on a single recipe for the cookbook. Time is running …

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Sarah Lancashire in Julia

Review: Julia, episodes 1-3, in which Sarah Lancashire is a marvel

Julia on HBO Max dropped the first 3 episodes of the 8 episode series on March 31. Future episodes will air weekly on Thursdays. The way Julia Child became “The French Chef” on public television is explored in these first episodes. It’s her origin story as a celebrity.

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