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Tag: Kivlighan de Montebello

  • Review: Runoff

    Review: Runoff

    Runoff terrified me. It was so real, so close to the bone. This was not some glorified superhero tale, this was a real family with real problems and real choices to make. Mild spoilers ahead. Here’s the basic story. Frank (Neal Huff) and Betty (Joanne Kelly) are going under. His business of selling feed, antibiotics, […]

  • Watch This: Trailer for Runoff

    Watch This: Trailer for Runoff

    Most trailers tell you almost everything about a story. Runoff is different. You understand almost nothing of what is happening from the trailer. But it’s compelling and looks powerful. I am very interested in this film after watching this trailer. It looks like a unique film experience. Here’s the film synopsis. The beauty of the […]

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