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  • Lost Ollie, magic and childhood

    Lost Ollie, magic and childhood

    Lost Ollie is the magical story of a patchwork bunny and the boy who loved him. It will put you in mind of Toy Story or The Velveteen Rabbit, but it is not either of those. This 4 part mini series has depth and many unspoken messages.

  • Review: The Umbrella Academy

    Review: The Umbrella Academy

    Comic book adaptation The Umbrella Academy is about 7 babies, all born on the same day in 1989. They were born to mothers who hadn’t been pregnant the day before. Sir Reginald Hargreeves (Colm Feore) raised them as his children. They became The Umbrella Academy. Hargreeves trained them to use their special abilities to learn […]

  • Review: Mudbound

    Review: Mudbound

    Mudbound grabs you from the first moments and won’t let go. It twists you up, wrings you breathless, and spits you out gasping. Finally, whew, finally, it shows you a break in the cloudy skies to let in a beam of sunshine.

  • Watch This: Trailer for Mudbound

    Watch This: Trailer for Mudbound

    Mudbound is the latest from director Dee Rees. It’s the story of two families – one black, one white – bound uneasily together on the muddy farmland of the Mississippi Delta during the Jim Crow era.

  • The Wiz LIVE Announces Cast

    The Wiz LIVE Announces Cast

    NBC will air The Wiz LIVE! in December and the casting announcements so far have been inspiring. Dorothy will be newcomer Shanice Williams. Williams will be on stage with Mary J. Blige as Evillene, Queen Latifah as The Wiz, David Alan Grier as the Cowardly Lion, Uzo Aduba as Glinda, Amber Riley as Addaperle, and […]

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