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  • Review: When They See Us

    Review: When They See Us

    When They See Us is the true story of the 5 Black and Brown teenagers jailed for raping a woman in New York’s Central Part in 1989. They were innocent and finally exonerated after spending many years in prisons.

  • Review: Welcome to Me

    Review: Welcome to Me

    Welcome to Me stars Kristen Wiig as a mentally ill woman who wins $86M in the lottery and puts herself on a TV show that is all about her. Kristen Wiig is fantastic in this part and proves her talent as a dramatic actress with her portrayal of Alice Klieg. Spoilers ahead.

  • Raven Symone said what?

    Raven Symone said what?

    Raven Symone made news on OWN when she told Oprah that she didn’t like being labeled. The labels she talked about were “gay” and “African American,” but she might have been talking about any label applied to any person. She did say, “I’m proud to be who I am.” I think many reactions to her […]

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