Patrick Gilmore

Jann Arden in Jann

Jann, seasons 1 & 2, utterly delightful

Jann is a fictionalized version of Canadian singer/songwriter/actress Jann Arden’s own life. Both seasons of the series can finally be seen in the US on Hulu. It’s charming and funny and first rate comedy.

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Review: Travelers Season 2

Travelers season 2 jumps back into the world where travelers from several hundred years in the future have returned to the 21st Century to try to save the world. Their aim is to change history so that the humans living

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the key cast of Travelers

Review: Travelers, season 1

Travelers is a Netflix original from Canada’s Showcase. It’s a sci-fi tale about consciousness travel from a distant future back to the 21st Century. The purpose – the mission – is to save the world and all the people in

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