Raymond Ablack

Brianne Howey and Antonia Gentry in Ginny & Georgia

Ginny and Georgia, S2, darkness descends

Ginny and Georgia, season 2, takes a deeper look into the character and background of Georgia (Brianne Howey). It delves into mental illness, first love, the will to survive, and the love and protection of family. Some heavy material hides behind Georgia’s irresistible smile.

Kat Graham and Tom Hopper in Love in the Villa

Love in the Villa, romcom set in Juliet’s Verona

Love in the Villa is a standard romcom. Netflix is getting adept and churning these out with almost the same speed as the Hallmark Channel. This one is distinguished by being filmed in Verona, Italy in the piazza where letters to Juliet (as in Romeo and Juliet) arrive by the thousands.

Margaret Qualley in Maid

Review: Maid, layered and outstanding

Maid is a layered and nuanced look at poverty, domestic violence, mental health, and American laws and systems that both help and hurt people struggling with these problems. A brilliant performance from Margaret Qualley takes the material to a level that will make the series an awards contender for 2021. The series is on Netflix.

Tatiana Maslany as Allison learning to use a gun in Orphan Black

Orphan Black S4E1: The Collapse of Nature

Orphan Black season 4 episode 1 is “The Collapse of Nature.” It gives us Beth’s (Tatiana Maslany AKA everyone) story as an extended flashback and then brings us back to the present where Sarah is hanging out in Iceland.

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