Rob Heaps

Arden Cho in Partner Track

Partner Track, there’s a lot to like here

Partner Track is a successful series. It manages to be an indictment of the immorality of capitalism and institutionalized racism while telling dramatic stories about interesting people. A success.

Leonie Elliott and Jennifer Kirby in Call the Midwife

Brain Dump: The Birdcage, Imposters, Call the Midwife

A few short thoughts about TV and movies in this issue of a brain dump. Today I’ll take pot shots at The Birdcage, Imposters, and Call the Midwife.

Inbar Lavi in Imposters

Review: Imposters, season 1

Imposters is a TV series about a group of con artists. It’s a fun series with a great cast and an entertaining twisty storyline. This is a review (with a few spoilers) of season 1.

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