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  • Review: Wonder

    Review: Wonder

    We live in a time when our whole country is traumatized by hate and bullies. Wonder is a heartwarming reminder that for every bully, there are many others around who are kind and loving. I personally want to thank Wonder for the reminder.

  • Review: Aquarius

    Review: Aquarius

    Aquarius stars Sonia Braga in a story about a Brazilian woman who refuses to move out of her home. It’s in a beachfront location on Boa Viagem Avenue, Recife. Sonia Braga’s performance is stunning – I would even say magnificent – in Aquarius.

  • Review: Luke Cage

    Review: Luke Cage

    Sweet Christmas but Luke Cage is good. This Marvel comic book come to life is dramatic theater and thrilling action. It’s populated with thoughtful goodness and evil greed. It’s a love song to Harlem, black history, and black lives matter. There are some spoilers ahead, so beware.

  • Review: An Invisible Sign

    Review: An Invisible Sign

    An Invisible Sign got terrible reviews from all the critics. And, as often happens, I love the very movie the critics hate. Spoilers ahead.

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