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  • Recommended: Borgen – Updated

    Recommended: Borgen – Updated

    Borgen is an award winning Danish political drama. It has 3 seasons. You can see this 2010 series in the US on Netflix. This is one of the best TV series I’ve ever seen.

  • Review: Ultraviolet, season 1

    Review: Ultraviolet, season 1

    The Polish mystery series Ultraviolet is on Netflix. It features a group of internet savvy private citizens who call themselves Ultraviolet and who get involved in police work.

  • Watch This: Trailer for Seven Seconds

    Watch This: Trailer for Seven Seconds

    Seven Seconds is a 10 part Netflix drama about the tensions between African American citizens and Caucasian cops in Jersey City when a teenage African American boy is critically injured by a cop.

  • Review: The Disappearance (Disparue)

    Review: The Disappearance (Disparue)

    The Disappearance (Disparue) is a French 8 part mini-series. If you’ve seen The Killing or Broadchurch or are familiar with the Spanish series Desaparecida, you’ll be familiar with the concept. Except this time you see it in French with a whole new cast and some excellent cinematography. Some of the plot details and all the […]

  • Witnesses: A French Mystery Series

    Witnesses: A French Mystery Series

    Witnesses, or Les Témoins in the original French, is a dark and moody police procedural from France. It’s streaming now with subtitles on Netflix, iTunes and Amazon. Season 1 has 6 episodes. Marie Dompnier stars as Sandra Winckler, the police officer assigned to a macabre case. Her partner is Justin (Jan Hammenecker). Recently buried bodies […]

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