Review: Deadwater Fell

Deadwater Fell, a 4 part mystery series set in Scotland, is streaming on Acorn TV. Episodes will release on Mondays until all 4 are available on April 27.

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Review: Vida, season 1

Vida is a series I’ve read many glowing reviews about, but it was on STARZ and I couldn’t watch it. Amazon Prime Video is allowing free access to season 1 for the month of April, so I took advantage of it.

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Review: Tales from the Loop

Tales from the Loop is a sci-fi drama series on Prime Video. It’s about time – time can stop, or loop back on itself, or pass in the blink of an eye, or simply march on whether we want it to or not.

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Review: Blow the Man Down

Blow the Man Down takes a unique approach to women’s empowerment. It’s quirky, funny, and ultimately delightful. It’s available on Amazon Prime Video.

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A Classic: Hud

Hud, a classic from 1963, is streaming on Hulu. My memory of seeing this film in 1963 is fuzzy. I only recall how beautiful and sexy Paul Newman was, and how much I loved Patricia Neal.

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Review: Uncorked

Uncorked tells a family story about a son who wanted something different from what his father dreamed for him.

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Review: Off the Menu

Off the Menu is a romantic comedy about finding love and New Mexico green chile. I couldn’t resist the New Mexico location. It’s currently streaming on Prime Video.

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Review: Crip Camp: A Disability Revolution

Crip Camp is the first production I’ve seen from President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama’s production company Higher Ground. I was curious to see what kind of material they were interested in creating. This documentary is the story of the fight for disability rights.

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Review: The Schouwendam 12 (De 12 van Schouwendam)

The Schouwendam 12 (De 12 van Schouwendam) is a Dutch language mystery series on Acorn TV. It’s a follow up to the very popular The Oldenheim 12. This is a completely new series with a new story, a new setting, and new actors. There are a few spoilers ahead, but I don’t reveal the big stuff.

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Review: Unorthodox

Unorthodox is a German mini-series about an ultra-Orthodox Jewish woman who escapes her community in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg district. She goes to Berlin, a place simmering with the spirits of dead Jews, where she finds help and acceptance.

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