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Kaoru Kobayashi in Midnight Diner

Review: Midnight Diner, Tokyo Stories

Midnight Diner (Shinya shokudô) ran for three seasons in Japan. Following that success, another series Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories was aired. Both seasons of Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories are now available on Netflix. The stories in the series are full of warmth and kindness and the food is mouth watering. If you haven’t discovered this lovely series already, now is …

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Evin Ahmad and Indica Watson in Who Is Erin Carter?

Review: Who is Erin Carter? An action packed thriller

Who is Erin Carter? has action scenes galore, a butt-kicking woman lead, and a couple of women directors. Sounds perfect, but it was merely average or slightly above for the genre. It had its good points. One was the setting in Spain which was gorgeous. The other was the performance by Evin Ahmad in the lead role.

Joe Locke and Kit Connor in Heartstopper

Heartstopper, season 2: still wonderful

The queer group of friends in Heartstopper have one of almost everything. Lesbian? Check. Gay? Check. Bisexual? Check. Transgender? Check. Queer? Many checks. Intersex? Nope, don’t think so. Asexual? Check. Even the teachers are queer in this series. But most of all, the series has a wonderful, likeable, typical group of high school kids who are exploring their sexuality like …

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Mariama Gueye and Nicolas Gob in The Best of Us

Review: The Best of Us (Le meilleur d’entre nous)

The Best of Us (Le meilleur d’entre nous) is a new French series now on Acorn TV. When a murder happens high in the mountains at a biathlete training camp, a city police woman is sent to help the local police.

Manuel Garcia-Rulfo in The Lincoln Lawyer

Review: The Lincoln Lawyer, season 2

The Lincoln Lawyer takes on a new case in season 2. Manuel Garcia-Rulfo as defense attorney Mickey Haller knows “LA is a great big freeway” and works in the back seat of one of his Lincolns on many days. His style as a defense attorney is to use clever tricks and ploys to win a case.

Nicole Chamoun and Thomas Jane in Troppo

Troppo review: excellent mystery from Australia

Troppo is set in the steamy tropics of far north Queensland. It’s filled with water, trees, crocodiles, snakes, huge flocks of birds, and murder. The characters, especially the two main characters, are beautifully written and developed. The mystery and puzzle of the plot is always engaging and not obvious.

Chaise Torio, Ashley Zukerman, and Jemima Kirke in City on Fire

City on Fire, greedy villains and loving families

City on Fire is a complex series with mystery and suspense that presents itself as edgy and dark. It’s ultimately about family. Interconnected plot lines all resolve around family bonds and fractured families.

Ally Xue, Perlina Lau, JJ Fong, and Jay Ryan in Creamerie

Creamerie, comedy from New Zealand

Creamerie, from New Zealand, begins with the idea that a virus has killed off all (okay, not all) the men. It’s billed as a comedy, but I found it more of a genre jumble. Throw everything in and see what sticks, add plenty of pop culture homage scenes, put women in charge of dystopia and take it all out for …

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