Review: Call My Agent (Dix pour cent), season 2

Call My Agent (Dix pour cent), a French language dramedy about agents and the actors they represent is streaming on Netflix. The agents perform extraordinary acts to earn their 10% from the various actors under their care.

Call My Agent (Dix pour cent) features the same four agents we got to know in season 1. They are Andréa (Camille Cottin), Mathias (Thibault de Montalembert), Gabriel (Grégory Montel), and Arlette (Liliane Rovère).

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Review: Call My Agent (Dix pour cent), season 1

Call My Agent (Dix pour cent) is a French language TV series streaming on Netflix. It’s about a firm of agents behind the greatest film and TV stars in France. It’s clever and funny and delightful.

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Review: Dead to Me, season 2

Dead to Me sets off on season 2 at breakneck speed and the wild ride never lets up. Our two women Jen (Christina Applegate) and Judy (Linda Cardellini) have each killed the other’s man. This brings them closer together than ever. When it isn’t driving them apart.

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Review: Normal People

Normal People is an Irish series streaming on Hulu. It tells the story of two people who love each other but are unable to make it fully work.

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Review: Hollywood

Hollywood is about rewriting the story of Hollywood by going back 80 years and re-imagining everything. Set in the 1940s, the series creates a new history for Hollywood that includes people of color, out gay men, and women bosses.

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Review: Absurd Planet

Absurd Planet is absurd. It’s full of poop jokes and reproduction jokes and pop culture references. It’s corny and juvenile and stupidly sarcastic. It’s like Sesame Street became The Simpsons. Yet, weirdly, you can actually learn something from this documentary series.

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Review: Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever tells a coming of age story. The heroine is a first generation Indian American teenage girl. The story is based loosely on creator Mindy Kaling’s high school experiences.

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Review: Little Fires Everywhere, season 1

When Hulu dropped the first 3 episodes of Little Fires Everywhere, I predicted that the season was going to be outstanding. I’m patting myself on the back after watching the final episode. It was even better than I expected.

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Review: The Trial (Il Processo)

The Trial (Il Processo) is a mystery and crime series from Italy streaming on Netflix.

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Review: The Blue Rose

The Blue Rose comes from New Zealand. The first and only season of this series can be seen on Acorn TV or Prime Video and other streamers. It’s a woman powered mystery/drama with some excellent actors.

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