Review: LA’s Finest, season 2

LA’s Finest uses season 2 to continue some of the storylines from season 1 and to introduce a complex number of new crimes for the kickass women cops leading the show to solve. Season 2 is airing on Netflix and is the final season of the series.

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Review: Ms Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries, season 2

Ms Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries, season 2, brings the fashion-plate private detective Peregrine Fisher (Geraldine Hakewill) back to solve crimes in 1960s Melbourne. It’s streaming on Acorn, with two episodes available now and more to come weekly for an 8 episode season.

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Season 1 of Hacks brings Jean Smart back to comedy

Hacks, season 1, just finished its run on HBO Max. Season 2 was approved just as season 1 ended. In Jean Smart’s long career we’ve seen her do everything, but she hasn’t often been the lead character. In Hacks she’s running the show and her performance is absolute gold.

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Review: Candice Renoir, season 1

Candice Renoir, a charming French police series about an unconventional detective reached US audiences on Acorn TV. Eight seasons already aired in France. Acorn TV posted season 1 and promises season 2 on June 28. I can’t find anything about further seasons on Acorn, but even a part of this series is fun to watch. This review is of season 1.

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Feel Good (season 2) and the rocky road to recovery

Feel Good, season 2, the semi-autobiographical comedy series from Mae Martin, heads down the dark path of recovery. This Netflix season is not so much about comedy as about the traumatic truth that interferes with Mae finding happiness with the woman they love, George (Charlotte Ritchie).

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Worn Stories – documentary series about real life and the power of clothes

Worn Stories is surprisingly interesting. It tells stories about real people. Some of them are well known, some of them are not. The thematic thread holding these tales together is clothing. This Netflix series was a Jenji Kohan project.

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Mare of Easttown wows

Mare of Easttown is a terrific WOW of a mystery series from HBO. The main cast is all women, each of whom delivers an award worthy performance. Series creator Brad Ingelsby crafted a mesmerizing script with real characters and an array of twists and surprises.

I see the potential for several Emmy nominations for this cast for both lead and supporting actress. Brilliant work all round, ladies. Brad Ingelsby should get one for writing, too.

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Review: Tokyo Girl (Tôkyô Joshi Zukan)

Tokyo Girl (Tôkyô Joshi Zukan) is a Japanese series streaming on Prime. The series was co-written and directed by Yuki Tanada. It’s the story of one woman’s life and her move to Tokyo in search of happiness.

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PRIDE, documenting decades of history

PRIDE, a documentary series from FX (also on Hulu) tells the history of the LBGTQ+ rights struggle decade by decade starting in the 1950s and continuing through the 2000s.

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Whitstable Pearl, cozy mysteries from the coast of England

Whitstable Pearl is a six part mystery series streaming on Acorn TV. The first two episodes went live on May 24, with the remaining episodes to be released weekly on Mondays. The lead character, Pearl Nolan (Kerry Godliman), is one of the most likeable characters I’ve seen on TV in a long time. I simply loved her and her style with a mystery.

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