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Sex Education: season 3 remains outstanding

Sex Education, which has consistently been one of the best things on television, maintains its top shelf status in season 3. The series, created and written by Laurie Nunn, is about students in an English school and the array of adults around them.

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The Killing of Two Lovers: Is Sepideh Moafi worth it?

The Killing of Two Lovers stars Sepideh Moafi, which is why I wanted to see it. The film about a separation between the parents of four children is told from the husband David’s (Clayne Crawford) point of view. It’s streaming on Hulu.

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Behind the Attraction, a Disney documentary series

Behind the Attraction tells the history of 10 Disney attractions. Their history, their creation, the artists and engineers who worked on them, and how they were built. If you’ve been to even one Disneyland location, you can’t help but be fascinated by the creativity and inventiveness that went into making them.

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AlRawabi School for Girls, bullies, power, and mistakes

AlRawabi School for Girls brings drama from a girls’ high school in Amman, Jordan to Netflix. Thematically it deals with bullying and retribution. It’s packed with mean girl tropes, but grows more nuanced as the episodes progress.

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Worth takes an agonizing look at the value of a life

I watched Worth on the evening the 20th anniversary of 9/11. On such a day of remembrance, the film felt emotionally raw to me, especially the stories from the people who suffered losses that day. Sara Colangelo directed this film, now on Netflix.

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Kate: Oh dear, are you bleeding?

Kate, trained assassin, knows how to do little more than kill people. When someone poisons her and she realizes it’s her last day on earth, naturally she kills more people in revenge. This bloody action thriller is on Netflix.

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Level 16, obedience won’t save you

Level 16 is the last step before the girls in the boarding school where they’ve lived all their lives graduate to placements with good families. This independent Canadian drama is a mix of sci-fi and horror. Danishka Esterhazy wrote and directed the drama, which you can see on Netflix.

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Colewell, a quiet character study

Colewell is a lovely, meditative film starring Karen Allen. Although I label it a good film, I think it will appeal to a very narrow audience. Karen Allen gives a terrific performance as the postmistress of a small town. The film is on Showtime.

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Adult Material, a look into the adult film industry

Adult Material is a funny but grim story about a p0rn star. It explores her personal and professional life, her background, and her decision to be a whistleblower for the abuses in her industry. The 4 part British mini-series is streaming on HBO Max.

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Review: Open Your Eyes (Otwórz oczy), season 1

Open Your Eyes (Otwórz oczy) brings mystery and sci-fi from Poland in a six episode series that keeps you guessing to the end. The end feels more like opening a new phase of the story to be told in a second season (which I haven’t seen announced yet). The series is on Netflix.

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