Review: Thi Mai (Thi Mai, rumbo a Vietnam)

Thi Mai, rumbo a Vietnam comes from Spain. It’s a lighthearted story about an trip to Vietnam for an adoption. Continue reading “Review: Thi Mai (Thi Mai, rumbo a Vietnam)”

Shouldn’t Supergirl be Above Sexist Storylines and Tropes?

The other day I posted something about Supergirl on Twitter that I want to share here in hopes of expanding conversation about it. Fans expect a lot from this superhero, and I’m not sure we’re getting it. Continue reading “Shouldn’t Supergirl be Above Sexist Storylines and Tropes?”

Review: Safe

Safe is an 8 part Harlan Coben mystery series on Netflix. It stars Michael C. Hall as a father desperately trying to find his missing 16 year old daughter. Continue reading “Review: Safe”

Review: Keeping Faith

Keeping Faith is a Welsh drama from the UK. Like Hinterland it was shot twice, once in Welsh and once in English. It’s an 8 part series. Keeping Faith is a tense and suspense filled drama set on the southern coast of Wales. There are minor spoilers ahead. Continue reading “Review: Keeping Faith”

Review: Cold November

Cold November is a girl’s coming of age story with an unusual family dynamic: deer hunting. Florence (Bijou Abas) is the youngest member of a family of women who are all expert hunters. Continue reading “Review: Cold November”

Brain Dump: Rise, For the People, and Station 19

It’s a brain dump day. I plan to empty my head completely of thoughts about Rise, For the People and Station 19.

Continue reading “Brain Dump: Rise, For the People, and Station 19”

Review: America Inside Out with Katie Couric

America Inside Out with Katie Couric is a 6 episode documentary series of discussions with Americans in various situations. Each episode is a deep dive into a topic of importance at the current time in the country. Continue reading “Review: America Inside Out with Katie Couric”

Review: Young Adult

Seeing 2011’s Young Adult now, from the prospective of 2018, it seems that writer Diablo Cody wrote an allegory for the disconnected young adults of today. Continue reading “Review: Young Adult”

Watch This: Trailer for On Chesil Beach

On Chesil Beach hits theaters May 18. It stars Saoirse Ronan and Billy Howle as young newlyweds in a still to be sexually liberated time in the early 1960s. Continue reading “Watch This: Trailer for On Chesil Beach”

Review: Day of the Flowers

Day of the Flowers is a Scottish production about two sisters who go to Cuba to scatter their father’s ashes. It was released in 2012 and recently made its way to streaming services. Continue reading “Review: Day of the Flowers”