Kitty Flanagan in Fisk

Fisk: season 2 of this oddball Australian comedy still delights

Fisk might more properly be called a Kitty Flanagan comedy of Australian humor, because Kitty Flanagan created, co-wrote, co-directed, and starred in the entire series. The second season of this comedy is now on Netflix. A third season is in progress in Australia.

AnnaSophia Robb and Taylor Richardson in Jack of the Red Hearts

Jack of the Red Hearts, a touching drama

Jack of the Red Hearts, from director Janet Grillo, tells the story of a troubled teen who lies her way into a job working as the companion to an low functioning autistic child. Both the director and the writer (Jennifer Deaton) have experience with autistic children. They crafted a touching film about an untrained con artist who manages to connect …

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Florence Pugh in A Good Person

A Good Person: Florence Pugh wows!

A Good Person from writer and director Zach Braff begins on a happy note. Allison (Florence Pugh) and Nathan (Chinaza Uche) celebrate their engagement at a party crowded with friends and family. Allison sings and plays one of her original songs on the piano. Life is good.

Ingrid Pitt and Madeline Smith in The Vampire Lovers

The Vampire Lovers (1970), a blogathon project

The Vampire Lovers came to me through an invitation from a Mastodon friend to participate in a Hammer and Amicus Blogathon. Hammer Films produced a lot of Gothic and horror films in England. Amicus was a similar production company. The Vampire Lovers is part of the Karnstein trilogy about lesbian vampires. Lesbian topics were considered daring in 1970 when the …

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Brie Larson in Lessons in Chemistry

Lessons in Chemistry: Brie Larson shines in this one

Lessons in Chemistry uses interesting, unique characters and powerful themes to tell a story of love and science. It isn’t the usual kind of storytelling – one episode is told from a dog’s point of view – but it works to create a series worth watching. There are spoilers ahead.

Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman in Faraway Downs

Faraway Downs makes something new out of Australia

Faraway Downs is a project director Baz Luhrmann undertook during the time when everyone was stuck at home due to COVID. Luhrmann was the director of 2008’s film Australia. He had miles of film in his garage from the making of that film. Much of it hadn’t been in the film. He re-cut and re-edited all of it to create …

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Sarah Lancashire as Julia Child

Julia: S2.E4 Chocolate Mousse

Julia: Chocolate Mousse brings Julia Child (Sarah Lancashire) back to Boston to begin filming the second season of The French Chef. She arrives to find that much has changed in the 4 months she was gone. Now Julia is the one wishing nothing would change. There are spoilers ahead.

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