Review: Katla, mysterious and atmospheric

Katla, a series from Iceland, creates a world of cold and volcanic ash. The most remarkable aspect of the series is the atmosphere and environment built around a melting glacier and an active volcano. The series is on Netflix.

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Physical, episodes 1-3

Physical, a 10 part series on Apple TV+, released the first 3 episodes last week. Now it’s once a week until the final episode releases on August 10. Rose Byrne stars as an unhappy housewife in the 1980s who discovered aerobics classes just as videotape technology was about to disrupt the way we used our television screens.

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Solos feature 7 solo performances

Solos, on Prime Video, is a series of 7 short episodes. They are mostly a single character conversing with an AI, although some have a second human actor present at times. The episodes tackle memory, love, loneliness, isolation, time travel, and space travel.

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Flack, season 2, careening toward rock bottom

In season 2 of Flack, the PR firm led by a group of women continues to make even the worst people look good. PR genius Robyn (Anna Paquin) spirals down the path of her addiction toward what should be a wake up call. This series is on Prime Video.

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Random reflections on S4 of The Handmaid’s Tale

The Handmaid’s Tale, season 4, concluded on Hulu on June 15. It was a complicated storyline in 10 episodes. I’m going to hit some high points. Be warned, there are spoilers ahead.

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Skater Girl skateboards her way to freedom

Skater Girl is the debut full length film from Manjari Makijany, who also co-wrote and produced the film. It’s an inspiring tale about a girl who discovers skating and realizes her life doesn’t have to be as life has always been in her village in India.

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Review: LA’s Finest, season 2

LA’s Finest uses season 2 to continue some of the storylines from season 1 and to introduce a complex number of new crimes for the kickass women cops leading the show to solve. Season 2 is airing on Netflix and is the final season of the series.

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Review: Collateral Beauty

Collateral Beauty tells a story about grieving with Will Smith and an all-star cast behind him in supporting roles. It’s a heart-warming, tear-jerker of a tale about recovering from the loss of a child.

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Review: Ms Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries, season 2

Ms Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries, season 2, brings the fashion-plate private detective Peregrine Fisher (Geraldine Hakewill) back to solve crimes in 1960s Melbourne. It’s streaming on Acorn, with two episodes available now and more to come weekly for an 8 episode season.

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Season 1 of Hacks brings Jean Smart back to comedy

Hacks, season 1, just finished its run on HBO Max. Season 2 was approved just as season 1 ended. In Jean Smart’s long career we’ve seen her do everything, but she hasn’t often been the lead character. In Hacks she’s running the show and her performance is absolute gold.

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