Review: Margarita – revised after 6 years

Margarita, starring Nicola Correia Damude as the Mexican nanny Margarita, is the Canadian version of A Day Without a Mexican. In the same way that all of California comes to a screeching halt without Mexicans doing the actual business of making life work in A Day Without a Mexican, so Margarita makes life work for everyone around her. Only when she’s threatened with deportation, do the people around her notice how valuable she is.

Spoilers ahead.

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Review: Offering to the Storm (Ofrenda a la tormenta)

Offering to the Storm (Ofrenda a la tormenta) is the final film in the Baztan Trilogy. The Spanish language thriller stars Marta Etura as Police Inspector Amaia Salazar, who finally learns the deep and evil secrets of her town’s past.

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Review: Rebecka Martinsson, season 2

Rebecka Martinsson, the Swedish prosecutor with a troubled past, is back for a second series with a new actor in the lead role and 8 new episodes of mystery and life above the Arctic Circle.

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Review: Mnemophrenia

Mnemophrenia really is a word, new to me. It’s the title of a sci-fi think piece from writer and director Eirini Konstantinidou. The film explores a psychosis that arises from advanced virtual reality (VR) technology, which causes people to be unable to distinguish between real and artificial memories.

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Review: Frankie Drake Mysteries, season 1

Frankie Drake Mysteries features an intrepid woman private detective who sprints around Toronto on a motorcycle amid 1920s jazz and gin. There have been 3 seasons of the series, and it is renewed for a 4th season.

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Fiddler on the Roof, a gem from 1971

Fiddler on the Roof is available now on Netflix and a couple of other streamers. This 3 hour musical from 1971 is an anachronism because of the subject matter and because of the kind of films that are being made today.

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Review: Fatal Affair

Fatal Affair is a thriller currently streaming on Netflix. It stars Nia Long as an attorney who is stalked by a man from her past.

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Review: Absentia, season 3

Absentia, season 3, features danger, endless action, and suspense with the cop who never gives up, Emily Byrne (Stana Katic).

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Review: Ride Like a Girl

Ride Like a Girl is a title aimed exactly at at the demographic known as me. It’s not to be resisted, in fact, it must be watched.

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Review: Wild Rose

Wild Rose tells the story of a Glasgow woman who dreams of becoming a Nashville star. Jessie Buckley stars as Rose-Lynn in this music filled drama.

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