Review: Cuties (Mignonnes)

Cuties (Mignonnes) is a French film on Netflix. It is not what you have been lead to believe from the bad publicity Netflix generated with its original imagery promoting the film. It’s a sad story about how social media deceives young girls into thinking they need to be something they aren’t. There are spoilers ahead.

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Review: The Rest of Us

The Rest of Us uses an off-beat concept to create a story about fidelity, guilt, and grief. The four main characters are women in this Canadian movie currently streaming on Hulu and Prime Video.

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Review: Rip Tide

Rip Tide, the Rip Tide we’re talking about today, is a 2017 Australian movie starring Debbie Ryan. The film was written and directed by women. This movie is wholesome, fun, family entertainment. It’s available on Netflix.

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Review: Freaks: You’re One of Us

Freaks: You’re One of Us is a German language sci-fi/fantasy tale of superhumans who discover their powers after an encounter with one of their own. It’s available on Netflix.

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Review: An Easy Girl (Une fille facile)

An Easy Girl (Une fille facile) is a French language film steaming on Netflix. It’s a coming of age story written and directed by Rebecca Zlotowski. There are spoilers ahead.

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Review: Ride Like a Girl

Ride Like a Girl is a title aimed exactly at at the demographic known as me. It’s not to be resisted, in fact, it must be watched.

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Review: The Midwife (Sage femme)

The Midwife (Sage femme) is a French language film available on Prime Video. It stars Catherine Deneuve and Catherine Frot in a quiet, layered, character study.

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Review: Intuition (La Corazonada)

Intuition (La Corazonada) is a Spanish language police story from Argentina, now streaming on Netflix. If you are a fan of Argentinian cinema or any of the actors in the film, you will probably enjoy it.

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Review: School Life (La vie scolaire)

School Life (La vie scolaire) is a French film about life in a Saint Denis middle school. It’s not an easy place to live, or go to school, or work in a school.

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Review: A Date for Mad Mary

A Date for Mad Mary is an Irish movie. Mary is mad as in angry, but she also behaves in ways that the people she most wants to impress consider mad. She drinks to hide her pain and that leads to acts of violence that get her in big trouble.

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