Review: Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey

Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey brings music and magic to the Christmas season. The entire family can enjoy this musical with its steampunk gadgets, Victorian costumes, stunning choreography, and a message about believing in yourself. You’ll find it on Netflix.

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Review: Run

Run is a thriller in which nobody runs. Newcomer Kiera Allen does wheel her wheelchair very fast a couple of times. Allen and a fabulous Sarah Paulson as her mother make up the majority of this tense drama. The film is streaming on Hulu.

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Review: 37 Seconds (37 sekanzu)

37 Seconds (37 sekanzu) is a Japanese language film about a 23 year old woman with cerebral palsy. It’s a beautiful film, one of the finest films of the year. I completely recommend it.

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Review: What We Wanted (Was wir wollten)

What We Wanted (Was wir wollten) from Austria is that country’s official entry as this year’s Oscar hopeful. With a woman director (Ulrike Kofler) and the attraction of an Austrian film – which I don’t think I’ve ever seen before – this one was a must watch for me.

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Review: I Am Greta

I Am Greta begins with Greta Thunberg sitting alone with a “School Strike for Climate” sign outside the Swedish Parliament. It ends several months later when Greta Thunberg was known and admired all over the world as a climate activist.

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Review: Citation

Citation comes from Nigeria as a Netflix original. It’s about sexual harassment and sex for grades in universities. Based on real events about one young woman courageous enough to speak out, it’s #TimesUp Nigerian style.

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Review: A New York Christmas Wedding

A New York Christmas Wedding is the kind of holiday romance you will never find on Hallmark or Lifetime channels. But you can see it on Netflix!

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Review: The Life Ahead (La vita davanti a sé)

The Life Ahead (La vita davanti a sé) marks the return of Sophia Loren to film after a decade away. This Italian drama about an immigrant boy was directed by Loren’s son Edoardo Ponti. At 86, Loren possesses all the charisma, power, and presence that made her world famous as a younger woman.

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Review: Ava

Ava stars Jessica Chastain as an action hero. Despite the female star, the film is a very male ode to violence. The best thing about it to me was seeing Jessica Chastain kicking butt with grace. Many outstanding actors are in this thriller. The film is available to rent on Prime Video.

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Review: Yes, God, Yes

Yes, God, Yes puts innocent Catholic school girl Alice (Natalia Dyer) up against her entire world. It isn’t so much a battle of good vs. evil as a battle of truth vs. lies.

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