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  • Review: The Afterparty, making whodunnits fun

    Review: The Afterparty, making whodunnits fun

    The Afterparty, season 1, was a mystery about a murder. Set at a party after a high school reunion, the series was funny and surprisingly original. Each of the 8 episodes was from a different character’s point of view and in a different movie style. It has been renewed for a second season. Minor spoilers […]

  • Review: The Little Hours

    Review: The Little Hours

    I need to say right off the mark that The Little Hours won’t appeal to everyone. If you are the kind of person whose favorite movie is The Princess Bride and reruns of Monte Python are your go-to late night fare, then The Little Hours is for you.

  • Review: 6 Balloons

    Review: 6 Balloons

    6 Balloons takes a raw and painful look at what it’s like to love an addict. Dave Franco and Abbi Jacobson star as brother and sister in this emotional drama.

  • Review: Now You See Me

    Review: Now You See Me

    Do you have fun at magic shows? Can you react to a trick with a 6-year-old’s sense of delight? If the answer is yes, you are going to really enjoy this magic show of a movie. Now You See Me is a magic act wrapped up in a heist movie and featuring a Robin Hood […]

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