Burn it All, the patriarchy, that is

Burn it All tells the story of Alex. She returns home to bury her mother and finds a gang of body snatchers who harvest organs from fresh corpses. Alex is already disgusted with men who think they can do whatever they want. This is the final straw. She goes to war. The film will be available on VOD starting February 19.

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Wildlike makes a harrowing run for it

Wildlike puts a young girl in a dangerous situation and watches her escape. It was filmed in Alaska with spectacular views. The girl struggles to find a way to safety. You can see this sensitive and beautiful film on Prime Video.

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Never Rarely Sometimes Always is Unflinchingly Realistic

Never Rarely Sometimes Always shows in powerful detail how a 17 year old girl from Pennsylvania manages to travel to New York City for an abortion. The film is as real and difficult as the journey was. You can watch it on HBO Max.

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Review: A New York Christmas Wedding

A New York Christmas Wedding is the kind of holiday romance you will never find on Hallmark or Lifetime channels. But you can see it on Netflix!

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Review: Sensitivity Training

Sensitivity Training is a comedy about an abrasive woman who is forced to learn how to treat people or lose her job. I found this 2016 woman written and directed comedy on Amazon Prime.

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Review: Lingua Franca

Lingua Franca takes us into the world of Olivia (Isabel Sandoval), a Filipino trans woman working as a carer for an elderly woman. She needs a Green Card to stay in the U.S. This independent film is streaming on Netflix.

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Review: The Aerialist

The Aerialist is a follow up to 2006’s The Gymnast. Both feature Dreya Weber as an athletic aerial performer.

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Review: More Beautiful for Having Been Broken

More Beautiful for Having Been Broken comes from writer and director Nicole Conn. If you are familiar with her name, you know to expect lesbian content. This film has a lesbian love story, but it’s secondary to the story of the special needs child who is the heart of the film.

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Review: Daisy Winters

Daisy Winters is eleven years old. She’s wise beyond her years in many ways, but in other ways she’s completely unable to cope.

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Review: St. Martha’s

St. Martha’s is a 15 minute indie production from actor, writer, and first time director and producer Madie Riley. The short film is available on Vimeo. Find your way to it by starting at Invalid Productions. You can view it for two bucks.

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