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Hayley Law and Keith Powers in Door Mouse

Door Mouse: an indie with a strong look

Door Mouse uses its unwavering comic book noir aesthetic to tell a story about missing girls and the heroes who save them. It’s indies like this one that emphasize the importance of giving independent storytellers with an artistic vision a chance to tell you a story in a different way.

Jillian Lindig and Jena Malone in Adopting Audrey

Adopting Audrey, Jena Malone in a free-spirited indie

Adopting Audrey takes us through a few weeks in the life of Audrey as she attempts to be adopted as an adult by a family as dysfunctional as her own. She watches YouTube videos at night, especially about cute animals, and she noticed one video about adult adoptions.

Rachael Harris and Rob Huebel in International Falls

International Falls, another example of the value of indie films

International Falls is a painfully tender indie film about a failing comic and a wanna be comic who meet in a hotel bar in International Falls, Minnesota. They spend two fateful days together. It’s one of those quiet stories that feels completely honest and real.

Nicolette Kaye Ellis and Chloe Moore in What Lies West

Review: What Lies West, check the map

What Lies West is an indie film from first time director Jessica Ellis, who also wrote the film. The film is a bit rough around the edges and features unknown actors. At the heart, it’s a tender story about a 16 year old girl who finds a way to independence.

Sujata Day in Definition Please

Review: Definition Please

Definition Please begins with a Spelling Bee and uses words and the spelling of words throughout. Young Monica becomes the National Spelling Bee Champion in 2005. Jump ahead to 2020 and Monica is still living at home and working tutoring gigs as she cares for her mother. Everyone agrees she’s not living up to her potential. The film is on …

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Katie Douglas and Celina Martin in Level 16

Level 16, obedience won’t save you

Level 16 is the last step before the girls in the boarding school where they’ve lived all their lives graduate to placements with good families. This independent Canadian drama is a mix of sci-fi and horror. Danishka Esterhazy wrote and directed the drama, which you can see on Netflix.

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