Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda in Moving On

Review: Moving On, Fonda & Tomlin do drama

Moving On from writer and director Paul Weitz brings Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin together again. This time they demonstrate their dramatic acting abilities in a beautiful story about healing the past.

Annette O'Toole in Virgin River

Virgin River, season 5, it’s a well-oiled machine

Virgin River is back with season 5. Netflix released 10 of the episodes together, and promises two more Christmas themed episodes on November 30. Everything about this series works. The cast has settled in to their roles convincingly and comfortably, the storylines are full of love, friendship, family, and plenty of perilous moments to keep things moving.

Luke Grimes and Ellie Kemper in Happiness for Beginners

Happiness for Beginners review: a walk in the woods

Happiness for Beginners, a feel good story written for the screen and directed by Vicky Wight, stars Ellie Kemper as a grown up serious woman. This is a new type of role for her and I enjoyed watching her exercise her drama skills.

Sally Field, Jane Fonda, Rita Moreno, and Lily Tomlin in 80 for Brady

80 for Brady lets #EldersRock to the max

80 for Brady is a cute romp with Sally Field, Jane Fonda, Rita Moreno, and Lily Tomlin having a great time together. A certain NFL player named Tom Brady is involved in this story about some elderly football fans.

Rebecca Ferguson in Silo

Silo: excellence in dystopian sci-fi

Silo is 100% available for streaming on Apple TV+ now. The first season ends with a brilliant reveal and surprise. The second season is already approved. There’s plenty more story to tell about this mysterious underground world.

Marie Richardson in Food and Romance

Food and Romance (Tisdagsklubben), love in Sweden

Food and Romance (Tisdagsklubben), from Sweden, provides a charming #EldersRock story about love, marriage, children, and food. The Swedish title translates to The Tuesday Club, and in some locales the film uses that title.

Elizabeth Lail and Diane Keaton in Mack and Rita

Mack and Rita is a big disappointment

Mack and Rita stars Diane Keaton. It has a female director (Katie Aselton). Of course those credentials made me want to watch it. The premise of the story – a 30 year old temporarily occupies her 70 year old body – has promise, the but implementation of that idea was not great.

Stellan Skarsgård and Diego Luna in Andor

Andor takes us back to the beginning of Star Wars

Andor took me on a nostalgia trip. This prequel to the original 1977 Star Wars movie (and the Rogue One film) reminded me of the excitement that the original film generated in its day.

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