Our Almost Completely True Story review

Mariette Hartley and Jerry Sroka in Our Almost Completely True Story

Our Almost Completely True Story – originally titled Our (Almost Completely) True Love Story – stars a gaggle of Hollywood elders (#EldersRock) in a sweet story about finding love late in life.

Our Almost Completely True Story stars Mariette Hartley and Jerry Sroka, who wrote this themselves about themselves. They star in it as themselves.

The meet cute in this love story takes place in a bird store, where Mariette Hartley is buying a bag of bird seed. The short fellow who offers to carry it to her car for her while doing voices like Groucho Marx is Jerry Sroka.

Each of them have recently joined online dating sites, so they are open to finding someone. But Mariette hardly considers Jerry a prospect, even though he makes her laugh. He made me laugh, too. So did Mariette, who has a wry sense of humor of her own.

They make slow progress toward seeing each other, dating, and sex.

Morgan Fairchild and Mariette Hartley in Our Almost Completely True Story
Morgan Fairchild played herself

Lots of people played themselves in this as we get into Mariette and Jerry’s life. A few who played themselves were Bernie Kopek, Tess Harper, Morgan Fairchild, Ash Sroka, and Sam McMurray. Some friends showed up doing bits, for example Peter MacNicol played a psycho date and John Rubinstein played a doctor with terrible people skills.

Mariette and Jerry get honest with each other, tell about their lives and their pasts, and introduce each other to their kids. They have a good time together.

the poster for Our Almost Completely True story shows Mariette Hartley and Jerry Sroka on a hillside with a city behind them.

Like any good love story, this almost completely true one runs into snags that split up Mariette and Jerry for a while, but they find their way back.

This funny and heartwarming story is an intimate and nostalgic trip through the old days of Hollywood and television and the many, many credits of Mariette’s past work. It’s a human story about growing old and caring for someone besides yourself. You can see it on Prime Video.

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