A rant about aliens and the movie Prometheus

Noomi Rapace in Prometheus

Did you know there’s an entire television channel that plays nothing all day long but pseudo-scientific conspiracy theory shows about how aliens did everything? Aliens built all the cool stuff like the pyramids. Aliens seeded the human race with their own DNA and then left.

When I hear this drivel coming from the TV, I always think that the real aim of this channel is to make gullible minds believe in conspiracy theories so they can be trained to swallow lies and vote Republican.

Listening to this stuff annoys me. Yes, the universe is vast and the probability that Earth is the only planet that sustains life is small. But how does that turn into the idea that the only way intelligent life could have evolved on Earth is for aliens to have come here to get it started? Earth has an amply supply of carbon, oxygen, and nitrogen to create all the carbon-based life forms roaming the planet. We don’t need it shipped in from 300 light years away.

Poster for the movie Prometheus

This week I saw the 2012 Ridley Scott movie Prometheus. This is a prequel for the Alien franchise. It’s a visually stunning film with a great cast: Noomi Rapace, Michael Fassbender, Charlize Theron, Idris Elba, Guy Pearce and more. It was a big hit.

The premise of the movie is that an alien came to Earth and left behind his DNA. This grew into what is now the human race. The year is now 2093 and a scientist played by Noomi Rapace is following clues from cave paintings to a galaxy far far away in pursuit of “where we came from.”

She finds the place and finds some giant human looking (white only) people who have DNA that matches people on Earth. The meeting is not friendly. There’s fighting, which the new arrivals to a planet with no oxygen fight with flame throwers. Yep, they are burning up the folks they came to find.

Is this some sort of anti-science, anti-evolution movie and television channel? Or is it just another blockbuster franchise looking to fill seats with exciting adventures? The thing that pops out of Noomi Rapace (and in another Alien film out of Sigourney Weaver) doesn’t look human. But somehow it represents the origin of humanity?

I love sci-fi and watch it a lot. But I want it to do more than entertain with spectacular visuals. I don’t want it to contribute to the dumbification of the general populace who embrace far out theories as truth. And I want that damn channel of unexplained mysteries to go the way of the Dodo bird.

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