No Pressure, a folksy Polish comedy

Anna Szymanczyk in No Pressure

No Pressure (Nic na sile) on Netflix is a Polish film. It’s basically a silly plot involving folksy country types, but manages to be enjoyable. A grandmother concocts a scheme to get her granddaughter – a chef in the city – to come home to the family farm and take it over.

No Pressure stars Anna Szymanczyk, who also starred in a lovely film called Forgotten Love that I’ve reviewed here. She’s a big reason for the success of this comedy with its dash of romance.

Halina (Anna Seniuk) tricks her granddaughter into coming home by pretending to die. Once Oliwia (Anna Szymanczyk) is on the farm, Halina disables Oliwia’s car and finds other ways to prevent her from leaving.

Halina hides out at a friend’s house, leaving Oliwia with a farm full of hungry, pregnant goats, chickens, geese, ducks, and a horse. The goats provide milk for the cheese making business that should have been supporting the farm, but Halina ran into some issues with a neighbor that have her in fiscal trouble.

Mateusz Janicki and Anna Szymanczyk in No Pressure

Oliwia meets Kuba (Mateusz Janicki). You know from the meet cute (she knocks him down with her car) that these two will fall in love. There are many complications in this potential romance. He’s the one causing grief to the grandmother. He has a daughter. His dad’s restaurant desperately needs a decent chef.

Everyone knows Oliwia from her childhood.

The villagers stage a fair. They dress up in traditional costumes and sing songs with crazy lyrics about barnyard animals that are really about sex. There are samples of moonshine and maybe a bit of kissing.

Kissing aside, it doesn’t look hopeful for the couple in love, or for the grandmother who needs help on the farm.

Depending on what your definition of a happy ending is, this story probably has one.

The sets were really wonderful and looked authentic. The animal wranglers had a lot of livestock to deal with and successfully used goats and geese to add to the comedy. Despite the cars and cell phones in the story, No Pressure had an old fashioned feel. There was a country bumpkin, goodhearted, good-natured vibe to the film that reminded me of old American comedy film making.

After saying all that, I noticed there was a lesbian couple in the story who were accepted without any issues. That would not have played in an old time American film.

Overall, this is a kind of romance you can watch with your kids and not worry about adult content. If you watch it, please share your impressions of the film.

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