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  • The Outlaws, season 2, it keeps getting better

    The Outlaws, season 2, it keeps getting better

    The Outlaws got better in season 2, an unusual feat. Season 1 laid the groundwork, introduced the characters, and set the scene. That left room for plenty of character development and depth in the second season. The threat level was ramped up for the outlaws as they dealt with dangerous drug dealers.

  • Review: The Outlaws, British dramedy

    Review: The Outlaws, British dramedy

    The Outlaws, season 1, is about a group of vividly drawn characters who end up doing community service together for 100 hours instead of going to jail. I don’t know whether to call it high stakes drama or comedy, hence the dramedy label. Season 2 has already been approved.

  • Review: Love Wedding Repeat

    Review: Love Wedding Repeat

    Love Wedding Repeat is like one of Shakespeare’s more raucous comedies, with some Keystone Cops added for good measure.

  • Review: Colette

    Review: Colette

    For me, Colette was a mixed bag of good and bad. I still recommend seeing it, in spite of my less than 100% glowing review.

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