Review: Love Wedding Repeat

Eleanor Tomlinson and Sam Claflin in Love. Wedding. Repeat

Love Wedding Repeat is like one of Shakespeare’s more raucous comedies, with some Keystone Cops added for good measure.

Life is all mere chance in Love Wedding Repeat. In this story two people fall in love and have a wedding. The repeat refers to the frequent rewind of the story featuring another what if scenario. What if this person drank the sleeping potion instead of that one? What if these people kissed instead of those people? You get the idea – it’s all mere chance.

Hayley (Eleanor Tomlinson) is having a picture book wedding in Rome. Her brother Jack (Sam Claflin) is there to run interference for her, as always.

Jack’s main job is to keep the uninvited Marc (Jack Farthing) from ruining the whole thing. Marc is sky high and sure Hayley is in love with him.

Other complications depend on who conked out from wrongly ingesting the sleeping drug. Spoiler alert – the conked out person is never Marc, the intended conkee.

Olivia Munn in Love Wedding Repeat

Jack is distracted by Dina (Olivia Munn). He’s been in love with her for years but is too much of a putz to have done anything about it. She’s been in love with him for years too and can’t understand his lack of action.

Aisling Bea in Love Wedding Repeat

Rebecca (Aisling Bea) was the friend of the bride who said all the wrong things. Aisling Bea was the best thing in the movie. She was funny, she was inappropriate, she stole all her scenes.

A lot of the jokes were stale or juvenile. The characters were thinly drawn. On the positive side, the acting was good and the setting was lovely. If you need an hour and a half of lighthearted comedy, you might find Love Wedding Repeat to be the perfect movie for the moment.

poster for love wedding repeat

See what you think of the trailer.

Does this look like the needed little something light for a dark time?

4 thoughts on “Review: Love Wedding Repeat”

  1. Dalene Neville

    I’m glad to say I am not that desperate in these dark times! I tried to like this film, but barely made it 30 minutes in. Yes, the setting was beautiful, but that was not enough to offset the ridiculous plot and juvenile jokes. I just couldn’t take it and turned it off! Thank goodness Netflix and Acorn have more mature and worthy choices.

      1. Dalene Neville

        I agree. Comedy seems more difficult to pull off than serious drama!! Love your blog, BTW. Thanks so much for keeping us informed!

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