Jack Farthing

Fleur Tashjian and Daisy May Cooper in Rain Dogs

Rain Dogs, when love alone isn’t enough

Rain Dogs from the BBC is a series about toxic love. It’s about people facing hard times and the struggle to survive. It’s about hating the person you love. It’s billed as both a comedy and a drama, but I didn’t find much to laugh about in this intense series.

Kristen Stewart in Spencer

Review: Spencer with a terrific Kristen Stewart

Spencer makes it plain from the start that it isn’t telling a true story. That’s the only reassuring thing about this tale of psychological horror featuring Kristen Stewart as Diana, Princess of Wales. I rented it on Apple+, but I think it’s available elsewhere, too.

Olivia Colman in The Lost Daughter

Review: The Lost Daughter, Maggie Gyllenhaal directs

The Lost Daughter takes an intimate and unflinching look at the contradictions and imperfections of motherhood. Maggie Gyllenhaal wrote and directed this touching and disturbing film based on a novel by Elena Ferrante. It’s Gyllenhaal’s first time directing. You can see it on Netflix.

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