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Tag: Harry Lennix

  • Review: The Blacklist

    Review: The Blacklist

    In the last week or so I watched season 1 of The Blacklist. I got hooked on it and just kept watching. After episode 1, I wasn’t sure I was committed, so I tried episode 2. Before long I decided to watch the whole season. James Spader stars as Raymond “Red” Reddington, a criminal mastermind […]

  • Dollhouse: Reality Catches Up with Fiction

    Dollhouse: Reality Catches Up with Fiction

    I’m a Dollhouse fan, so this tweet from @HostilePoet_17 caught my eye. THE DOLLHOUSE IS REAL! #dollhouse #Thoughtpocalypse Can I have Topher so? — Dara (@HostilePoet_17) September 12, 2013 The tweet lead me to this story in TIME Magazine : Memories Can Now Be Created — And Erased — in a Lab.  In TIME, […]

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