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  • A Personal Manifesto

    A Personal Manifesto

    A couple of decades ago I realized everything in my life up to that point had been determined by men. I can hear my friend Denise shouting, “It’s the patriarchy, stupid!” That’s not it – at least not completely. The patriarchy is still with us. But inside my head, things have changed.

  • Review: The Big Sick

    Review: The Big Sick

    The Big Sick, with the worst title ever inflicted on a movie, is a sweet and charming love story. One of the characters does get sick in the middle of the story. Beware the spoilers.

  • Review: Strange Weather

    Review: Strange Weather

    I wanted to see Strange Weather because I’m a Holly Hunter fan. I wasn’t disappointed by Holly Hunter’s performance, but it was the women around her who brought her back from the brink of her grief and into a semblance of acceptance.

  • Watch This: Trailer for Strange Weather

    Watch This: Trailer for Strange Weather

    Strange Weather stars Holly Hunter and Carrie Coon as a mother (Hunter) and her best friend who hit the road. The mother is searching to understand loss and grief over her son.

  • Filming for Top of the Lake S2 Begins This Spring

    Filming for Top of the Lake S2 Begins This Spring

    Top of the Lake season 2 begins filming in March, according to a statement by star Elisabeth Moss at Sundance to a Deadline reporter. Top of the Lake season 1 aired in 2013 – a long wait between seasons, but worth it. The dark drama series is from filmmaker Jane Campion. It features Detective Robin […]

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