Jan Wieteska

Aleksandra Skraba, Sandra Drzymalska, and Maria Sobocinska in Sexify

Sexify, season 2, college girls turn business women

Sexify, the Polish comedy series, sees the three women out of college in season 2. They are about to launch their Sexify app. They managed to create a sex app without knowing anything about sex. Now they’re running a business without knowing anything about business. Lots of disasters are involved.

Sandra Drzymalska, Maria Sobocinska, and Aleksandra Skraba in Sexify

Sexify, terrific comedy from Poland

Sexify is an 8 episode comedy about college women attempting to win a competition to build the best app. The app, almost by accident, becomes about helping women have better orgasms. It’s one of the best series I’ve seen in a while. It’s streaming on Netflix.

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