Reviews of movies and TV focused on women

Tag: Jeremy Bobb

  • Review: Jessica Jones, season 3

    Review: Jessica Jones, season 3

    The final season of Jessica Jones, Marvel’s flawed but admirable super hero, brought the show to a surprising conclusion. No spoilers about the ending here, but I do have things to say about season 3 of this series.

  • Review: Russian Doll

    Review: Russian Doll

    All the superlatives you’ve read about Russian Doll are true. It’s wild, inventive, unique, unexpected, deep, funny, and must see TV.

  • Review: Godless

    Review: Godless

    Godless is a 7 part mini-series Western from Netflix. It’s a sweeping tale of evil power vs. good. The story features misshapen religion and disastrous interference from the press. There are love stories, family stories, and stories about fathers and sons. It takes place in the 1880s.  Beware the spoilers.

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