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  • Review: Marcella, season 3

    Review: Marcella, season 3

    Marcella went undercover in season 3, which takes place 18 months after the end of season 2. Everyone in her life – her family and her former coworkers – think she’s dead.

  • Review: Marcella, season 2

    Review: Marcella, season 2

    Marcella is a British police officer. In season 2, she investigates a series of murders of children on the edge of puberty. She simultaneously investigates her own psyche and the blackout experiences she suffers.

  • Review: Paranoid

    Review: Paranoid

    Paranoid is an 8 part mini-series from Britain’s iTV, Netflix and RED Production Company. It’s a mystery and a thriller wrapped in a big story about pharmaceuticals. It’s currently available on Netflix U.S.

  • Absolutely Everything About Nina Sosanya Isn’t Very Much – Updated

    Absolutely Everything About Nina Sosanya Isn’t Very Much – Updated

    Many people want to know more about Nina Sosanya. It’s hard to learn much about her. Nina Sosanya is either elusive or not interested in fame. Whatever her reasons for being shy about seeking the spotlight, information on her is hard to find. 

  • Review: Marcella

    Review: Marcella

    Marcella is an 8 part mystery series from Netflix starring Anna Friel as British police officer DS Marcella Backland. Overall it was excellent and I watched it with great interest, but there were many confusing aspects to the series. There are minor spoilers ahead.

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