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  • A Dozen Wonderful Films Directed by Women from 2017

    A Dozen Wonderful Films Directed by Women from 2017

    I always preface these end of year lists with a disclaimer. I don’t see everything. I don’t subscribe to everything and I don’t go out to the theater weekly. Nobody is telling me what to see or paying me to go see things. I’m just watching what looks good to me. So, with that said, […]

  • Review: Maudie

    Review: Maudie

    Maudie is a biopic about Maud Lewis, a Canadian folk artist. Sally Hawkins stars brilliantly as the amazing painter, a woman afflicted with severe rheumatoid arthritis. 

  • An Abundance of Riches

    An Abundance of Riches

    Wow. Weekends lately, right? How can I support all the great women-centric entertainment this weekend?

  • Watch This: Trailer for Maudie

    Watch This: Trailer for Maudie

    Maudie looks like an absolutely lovely film. I can’t wait to see it. Sally Hawkins stars as Maud Lewis, a woman with rheumatoid arthritis. She’s forced out of her home and left to find a way to support herself as a housekeeper and later as an artist.

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