An Abundance of Riches

Dominique Provost-Chalkley in Wynonna Earp

Wow. Weekends lately, right? How can I support all the great women-centric entertainment this weekend?

Tonight on SyFy it’s Wynonna Earp and Dark Matter. Tomorrow on BBC America it’s Orphan Black.

Season 2 of Queen Sugar just started on OWN, which I don’t get. But I recently signed on to Hulu, so I’m watching season 1 there. Early review: it’s great.

Netflix releases the new Jinji Kohan produced GLOW today. I have such high hopes for those 14 women wrestlers. I can’t wait to start on that one.

I want to get out to the theater and support Beatriz at Dinner. I want to see Maudie, which isn’t playing in my locale – not even at the artsy theaters. (Whew, one thing I can’t work into my schedule even though I want to.)

If my tired eyes and overwhelmed gray matter can manage it, I’ll see you on Monday with an Orphan Black recap. In the meantime, send food and drinks, but don’t phone, text, or email because I won’t respond.

Author: Virginia DeBolt

After many years as an educator and writer, Virginia retired from working life. She's always loved a good movie or TV show and wants to use her free time to talk about them with you now. She's Old Ain't Dead!

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