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  • An Abundance of Riches

    An Abundance of Riches

    Wow. Weekends lately, right? How can I support all the great women-centric entertainment this weekend?

  • 3 Reasons to Love Dark Matter

    3 Reasons to Love Dark Matter

    Dark Matter stars Roger R. Cross, Jodelle Ferland, Anthony Lemke, Zoie Palmer, Melissa O’Neil, Marc Bendavid, and Alex Mallari Jr. as the characters Six, Five, Three, The Android, Two, One, and Four. Here are 3 reasons why I love this sci fi space drama. 1. Nobody Knows Who They Are Six people and and a […]

  • Watch This: Dark Matter 1st Trailer

    Watch This: Dark Matter 1st Trailer

    Are we lost in space yet? Why, yes, almost. GUYS. The @dark_matterTV trailer is out! So excited for all of you to see this. — Jodelle Ferland (@jodellemicah) April 10, 2015 The first trailer for the SyFy drama Dark Matter is out. The new series will have 13-episodes on SyFy, debuting June 12th. In […]

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