Watch This: Dark Matter 1st Trailer

Dark Matter cast

Are we lost in space yet? Why, yes, almost.

The first trailer for the SyFy drama Dark Matter is out. The new series will have 13-episodes on SyFy, debuting June 12th.

In the photo above, you see the cast of the spaceship. They are: Alex Mallari Jr. as “Four”, Roger Cross as “Six”, Anthony Lemke as “Three”, Melissa O’Neil as “Two”, Marc Bendavid as “One”, Jodelle Ferland as “Five” and Zoie Palmer as “The Android”.
Photo credit: Dennys Illic.

I count 3 women and 4 men – assuming the Android can be gender identified – with several more female characters coming into the show as regulars and guests. I love this habit in Canada to make TV with lots of female characters. Go, Canada!

As you can gather from the trailer, this spaceship crew awakens with no memory of where they are or why they are there.

It sounds interesting to me as a sci-fi fan and because favorite actors such as Roger Cross, Anthony Lemke and Zoie Palmer are regulars. With such a small cast, it will be interesting to see who the good guys are, who the bad guys are, and what part the android has in the story. Everyone including the creators and the cast are veterans of one or more big sci-fi hits, so they bring the chops for a genre show in spades.

I always wanted Roger Cross to be on Lost Girl, maybe as an incubus who interacts with Bo. He’s been in every other Canadian show there is, I swear, but for some reason he never showed up on Lost Girl. Now he and Zoie Palmer will be together on Dark Matter, which isn’t exactly what I wanted, but it’s close.

Recurring characters will be played by David Hewlett and Amanda Brugel with Torri Higginson and Ruby Rose showing up as guest stars.

Dark Matter is created by Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie, and is based on the graphic novels of the same name.

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