Sunetra Sarker

Nicola Stephenson and Gaynor Faye in The Chase

The Chase, season 1, British TV series from 2006-7

The Chase, a British comedy series from 2006, recently arrived on Acorn TV. Currently only the 8 episode first season is available. There is a 12 episode second season, but Acorn doesn’t have it now. It’s about a family of veterinarians and the people who work in their clinic. Maybe if season 1 brings in enough traffic, Acorn will acquire …

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Poppy Lee Friar and Amy-Leigh Hickman in Ackley Bridge

Review: Ackley Bridge, season 2

Ackley Bridge, season 2, with its big cast and 12 episodes was even more interesting than season 1. The UK’s Channel 4 must agree with me because they’ve commissioned a third season of 8 episodes for 2019. This British drama about an integrated school filled with both white and Asian kids and teachers is a great setting for multiple storylines. …

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Paul Nicholls, Sunetra Sarker, Liz White, Jo Joyner, Poppy Lee Friar, Adil Ray, Arsher Ali, Amy-Leigh Hickman, and Sam Retford in Ackley Bridge

Review: Ackley Bridge, season 1

Ackley Bridge tells the story of a school in the mythical English Yorkshire town of Ackley Bridge. White and Asian (Pakistani mostly) folks have lived together in the small town for years, but their children have gone to segregated schools. Now they will be thrown together in a new school, called Ackley Bridge College, and learn to be together peacefully.

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