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  • Review: Forget and Forgive

    Review: Forget and Forgive

    Forget and Forgive is a 2014 Canadian film about a cop with amnesia. It stars Elisabeth Röhm, Tygh Runyan, Neil Napier, and Vivien Endicott Douglas. Detective Anne Walker (Elisabeth Röhm) is in the middle of a murder investigation when she is attacked and left for dead because she won’t reveal the location of a witness […]

  • Watch This Film: They Wore Pink

    Watch This Film: They Wore Pink

    Here’s a Friday treat to start your weekend off right. Watch an entire short film. The short film They Wore Pink is from Canadian writer and director Terry Miles. He’s the writer/director responsible for A Night for Dying Tigers and Cinemanovels. The two stars of this short film were also in Miles’ other films: Lauren […]

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