Review: Forget and Forgive

Elisabeth Röhm in Forget and Forgive

Forget and Forgive is a 2014 Canadian film about a cop with amnesia. It stars Elisabeth Röhm, Tygh Runyan, Neil Napier, and Vivien Endicott Douglas.

Detective Anne Walker (Elisabeth Röhm) is in the middle of a murder investigation when she is attacked and left for dead because she won’t reveal the location of a witness to the crime.

She wakes up in the hospital with complete amnesia. She doesn’t recognize her partner Derek (Tygh Runyan) or her husband Tate (Neil Napier) or her 16 year old daughter Emily (Vivien Endicott Douglas).

She seems surprised to learn that she’s a cop, but this woman is cop through and through. Her every instinct screams cop. From the moment she’s out of the hospital she’s investigating. She researches her own life and the case that landed her in jail.

She’s not happy about what she learns about her personal life. Apparently, she was leaving her family and in the midst of an affair with her partner. I say ‘apparently’ because as the story goes on, we learn that perhaps she was moving in another direction.

The high profile case she was working involved the murder of the mayor. The missing witness is a young prostitute (Katy Grabstas).

Forget and Forgive unfolds slowly as Anne digs into her own life and the case. I found the story interesting enough, but was put off by the over-the-top handling of some of the emotional scenes. They were hopelessly overdone in performance. If you can forget and forgive those sour notes, the film is an interesting story about a woman with a huge problem to solve before she and her family are hurt.

The cutesy reversal of forgive and forget in the title to forget and forgive is because Anne forgets everything and then has to find forgiveness in herself for her past.

The film is available on Netflix and from or in the regular rotation on Lifetime TV.

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