Wilma Holmén

Tuva Jagell, Louise Nyvall, and Wilma Holmén in Girls Lost -Pojkarna

Review: Girls Lost (Pojkarna)

Watching Girls Lost (Pojkarna in the original Swedish) makes me wish I had all that education film critics have. That way I might understand all the Swedishness of this film with its strange symbolism, magical thinking, and morose ending. Beware the spoilers.

Wilma Holmén, Tuva Jagell and Louise Nyvall in Girls Lost

Watch This: Trailer for Girls Lost

Girls Lost is a Swedish production. The title in Swedish is Pojkarna. It’s a story about coming of age, gender identity, gender roles, and friendship. Alexandra-Therese Keining wrote and directed the film, based on a YA novel by Jessica Schiefauer. Keining described the film as a “modern fairy tale.”

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