Watch This: Trailer for Girls Lost

Wilma Holmén, Tuva Jagell and Louise Nyvall in Girls Lost

Girls Lost is a Swedish production. The title in Swedish is Pojkarna. It’s a story about coming of age, gender identity, gender roles, and friendship. Alexandra-Therese Keining wrote and directed the film, based on a YA novel by Jessica Schiefauer. Keining described the film as a “modern fairy tale.”

Here’s the film’s description from the Wolfe Video website:

BFFs Kim, Momo and Bella are bullied by boys at school while their teachers do nothing. On top of that, Kim secretly confesses to Bella she thinks she was born in the wrong body. So when the trio finds a magical plant whose nectar temporarily turns them into boys (with working genitalia), it offers them the thrilling chance to experience freedoms they’ve never known. But when Kim becomes addicted to the plant and pursues a dangerous relationship with a local boy she thinks might be gay, it puts everyone at risk.

I am interested in seeing how the story handles the gender identity questions of feeling like you’ve grown up in the wrong body. Girls Lost is one of a very few films to take on the topic, even though the film turns it into an escapade of magic. No hormones, no surgery, just magic. Since this is from Wolfe Video, I’m assuming this will be respectful magic. Real life is a long, long way from magical. I can’t wait to hear what people think about the film.

The young actors, most of whom have never acted before are Wilma Holmén, Tuva Jagell and Louise Nyvall as Bella, Kim and Momo in the female bodies. When magically transformed into male bodies, the actors are Emrik Öhlander, Alexander Gustavsson, and Vilgot Ostwald Vesterlund as Kim, Momo, and Bella.

Girls Lost is available on demand. You can order the DVD now.

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