5 Reasons to Love Batwoman

Ruby Rose in Batwoman

Batwoman is pop culture for the masses. And, as a representative of the masses, I couldn’t be happier with it.

What I love most about Batwoman is the number and diversity of the female characters.

Ruby Rose in Batwoman

I love Ruby Rose as Batwoman/Kate. For some reason people like to hate on Ruby Rose. I feel like she is maligned for no good reason. Long ago, some influencer somewhere declared that Ruby Rose couldn’t act. Since then everyone has repeated it like it was the Word of the Goddess.

She’s fine, people. She does her job as well as the rest of the actors around her. Quit saying she can’t act. She’s doing fine.

I love that Kate Kane is a lesbian and out. Every little bit of inclusion helps.

Rachel Skarsten in Batwoman

I love Rachel Skarsten as Alice, the sister formerly known as Beth. Rachel Skarsten is having so much fun being the crazy villain, it’s infectious. She’s making the rest of us have fun, too.

How can a fan of Lost Girl not be a permanent fan of Rachel Skarsten? Impossible.

 Meagan Tandy in Batwoman

I love Meagan Tandy as Sophie. Sophie is Kate’s former girlfriend. Except, oops, she’s not out and she’s married to a man. The longing glances between Sophie and Kate are a study in sexual tension. I also love that Meagan Tandy is a woman of color. Every little bit of inclusion helps.

Nicole Kang in Batwoman

I love Nicole Kang as Mary, Kate’s stepsister. She has her own secret subplot as a doctor, which makes her extra interesting. She’s Asian. Every little bit of inclusion helps.

Ruby Rose and Camrus Johnson in Batwoman

I love Camrus Johnson as Luke. Surprise! Luke is a guy. I love a male character! He’s the Robin to Kate Kane’s Batwoman. He’s loyal to Batman and reluctantly gets drawn in to help Kate become Batwoman. Once he’s in, he’s all in. He’s a person of color. Every little bit of inclusion helps.

I’m happy The CW took a chance on this woman powered comic book adaptation. It’s a perfect fit for The CW and a perfect fit for someone like me who searches constantly for women-led TV.

Poster for Batwoman

Join me in finding the good in Batwoman, won’t you?

9 thoughts on “5 Reasons to Love Batwoman”

  1. I agree that Ruby Rose catches flack she doesn’t deserve. Do I think she is an award winning actor? No, but she performs adequately and I’ve never felt she did a bad job in any of her work I have seen. My only issue is her accent work, which stumbles quite a bit, but accents are hard and it’s never distracting.

    Everyone so far is doing a good job. The first couple of episodes were a little bumpy, but it always takes a series like this a little while to find its footing. If they decide to finally shed the weight of “Batman” the show was initially saddled with and let the character be her own person it will greatly improve things, and as of the end of episode three it looks like they are going that direction.

    Rachel Skarsten is an absolute delight to watch, she always has been.

    1. I felt like they were struggling with the origin story by having Kate say, “I’m not Batman,” about 200 times before she figured it out. But, yes, I think she is headed into her own story as Batwoman finally.

      1. One of the missteps in the transition from book to screen, I feel, is Kate’s motivation. In the book, her primary drive has always been to serve, not to prove herself to her father, not rebellion, but a deep and abiding desire to serve her fellow humans. She joined the military to serve, when that was taken away from her, she found another way.

  2. I’m really enjoying the show, and like others, found episode 3 to be where the show finds its footing. I like that Kate actually doesn’t want to be the hero, and was slow to catch on to the evil twin trope. And it seems, wicked stepmother is there too.

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