A Tourist’s Guide to Love, gorgeous setting in Vietnam

Rachael Leigh Cook and Scott Ly in A Tourist's Guide to Love

A Tourist’s Guide to Love is a total rom-com, but it should be titled A Tourist’s Guide to Vietnam because it shows off the country so beautifully. Absolutely stunning looks at the country, the food, the cultural sites, the traditions, and the endless scooters filling the streets.

A Tourist’s Guide to Love starts in L.A. where Amanda Riley (Rachael Leigh Cook) and John (Ben Feldman), her boyfriend of 5 years, break up. She’s feeling lost. Mona (Missi Pyle), her boss at their travel agency, suggests she go to Vietnam as a secret shopper to scope out a tour company they want to acquire.

Amanda agrees. She thinks the change will do her good.

The tour is run by Sinh (Scott Ly) and his cousin Anh (Quinn Trúc Trán). Anh’s father owned the company. He was thinking of selling, but Sinh didn’t know that. It was a small company and tended to avoid the big tourist attractions for more personalized and authentic places to take visitors. The frequently spontaneous tour destination choices go against everything Amanda thinks she knows about the touring business.

I want to take a tour with Sinh! He took them to the most interesting places. And he was handsome and charming. Of course Amanda and Sinh fell for each other. But he didn’t know she was there to decide whether or not to buy the company. When he found out who she really was it put a crimp in things.

In terms of the rom-com part of the story, this is just your average, feel good, romance. But the travel and tourism moments make the film stand out. I enjoyed that aspect of it more than the romance.

You can see this one on Netflix. If you give it a look, please share your thoughts in the comments.

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