Clickbait: Unfollowed is a social media horror story

Katherine Barrell in Clickbait: Unfollowed

Clickbait: Unfollowed comes from the cracked minds of Katherine Barrell and Melanie Scrofano. These two Wynonna Earp alums teamed up to make a funny and gross horror story about social media. They wrote it, directed it, and star in it. There are spoilers ahead, but not big ones.

Take a look at the trailer for Clickbait: Unfollowed to get an idea of what this social media competition is all about.

Each of 6 social media influencers get a tablet in the mail inviting them to a competition for followers at a remote mansion called the SoShal Mansion. The people who show up are Peach (Roberto Kyle), Julie (Jessica Stanley), Ax$el (Charlie Bouguenon), Gaia (Ashleigh van der Hoven), Ami (Shermin Hassan), and Kyle (Luke Volker). Julie’s 10 year old son is there, too.

Sofia (Katherine Barrell) communicates with the contestants by video. Her sister Shalin (Melanie Scrofano) is in the background.

The social media gurus are all desperate phonies, of course. They are in for a surprise when they learn what happens to the loser in the first challenge. The losers die in the most ridiculous and disgusting murders – each individualized for the particular loser who is dying. Only one of them will live to leave. Who will the winner be and what are they willing to give up to survive?

It’s a simple movie, full of gags, tropes, and gross horror. The message that social media is a horror comes through loud and clear. I loved how campy and relevant it was. You can see it free on Tubi.

I know fans of Wynonna Earp will love it because our love for Melanie Scrofano and Katherine Barrell is undying. But fans of horror and campy comedy will enjoy it, too. If you give it a look, please share your reactions in the comments.

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