Friends and Family Christmas, a lesbian holiday romcom from Hallmark

Ali Liebert and Humberly González in Friends & Family Christmas

Friends and Family Christmas is a Hallmark holiday romcom, remarkable because it’s about two women. It’s a first for Hallmark. It’s a typical bright and cheerful Hallmark holiday romcom in every way. There are spoilers ahead because telling you it’s a romcom is a spoiler.

Friends and Family Christmas stars Humberly González as Dani, a photographer, and Ali Liebert as Amelia, a corporate attorney. Hallmark, to its credit, didn’t approach this as an agonizing coming out story. No, these two women were working adults whose parents had long known who their daughters were. The parents were fully supportive and wanted their children to be happy.

In fact, the parents engineered the meet cute in the story. Dani’s parents, Raquel (Gabriela Reynoso) and Luke (Christopher Shyer) arranged with Ameila’s father (Barclay Hope) that the two of them should meet for coffee.

Ali Liebert and Humberly González in Friends & Family Christmas

The coffee date went just fine but there were no fireworks. However, the parents had expectations so Dani and Amelia agreed to be fake girlfriends for their parents’ sakes until the holidays were over. They would be plus ones for each other until the season’s party obligations were fulfilled.

There are a pair of gloves involved, which has to be a hat tip to Carol, another well known lesbian holiday tale. A nice aspect of the film to me was that Dani’s family spoke English with a slight Spanish accent, indicating they were a successful immigrant family.

Of course, Amelia and Dani fell in love. There were misunderstandings and setbacks. But the story ended with kisses and unexpected joy. A beautiful holiday meal with friends and family capped the happy ending.

Anne Wheeler directed the film. Anne Wheeler and Ali Liebert were among the executive producers.

I hope many, many people watch this and Hallmark feels supported in telling this kind of story. We need so many more stories like this, especially around the holidays when people need those warm and happy moments Hallmark churns out so well.

I don’t have the Hallmark channel, but the film is also available on Peacock.

2 thoughts on “Friends and Family Christmas, a lesbian holiday romcom from Hallmark”

  1. Hallmark movies are often considered cheesy but for me, it’s the right kind of cheese.
    They know how to tell family and love stories. I agree. People and communities will benefit from seeing more stories like this. I need to catch up on reading some of your articles. Great review as always!
    – Damian

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