Lost Girl Season 5 Teaser

Lost Girl

The first teaser for Lost Girl season 5 is really a teaser. Less than a minute long and revealing no characters but Bo (Anna Silk) and her mystery dad.

We’ll take any little moment of Lost Girl we can get.

This has been everywhere all weekend. Any genuineĀ Lost Girl fan probably saw it already. I’m posting it here for the sake of completeness with regard to Lost Girl. It wouldn’t hurt to watch it a few more times, would it?

Takeaways from this? Bo is in a place where she sees the time from 30 some years ago when she was a child and her father was there. The same place she saw in the dawning. How did she get there? If she can jump around in time and space to do this, can she do the same to find Kenzi?

We’ve been looking at the back of Bo’s father’s head for 4 years now. Do you suppose we will finally find out who this guy is? And what a candle has to do with threatening him. Or why Bo is threatening him?

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  1. Thanks for posting. A video was leaked by Rachel Skarsten that showed a table read for an episode. In it was a famous actor who we all GUESS is going to be playing Bo’s dad. If you want me to I can post his name here. The video was deleted soon after airing.

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