Mini-Tatiana in a Clone Dance Party

Cynthia Galant

Cynthia Galant, who up to now has played both the young Rachel and Dr. Marian Bowles’ daughter Charlotte on Orphan Black watched the clone dance party with so much interest she decided to make one herself.

If the clones had met at age 8, here’s how it would go. The mini-clone dance party!

A budding Tatiana Maslany shows her talent. I’m thinking we should remember the name Cynthia Galant, because her future looks bright.

The video was posted to YouTube by Alexander Galant, Cynthia’s father, who probably had a hand in helping her put this together. If you read the comments (always a scary proposition) on YouTube, the Orphan Black people gave a vote of appreciation to the video.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

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